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Dac55 Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. is part of Om Power Engineers group of companies. Om Power Engineers was launched in 2013 and was successfully exporting, Engineers goods like Earthmovers, Agriculture types of equipment, Construction types of tools, Marble , Granites , Tiles, Textiles, Pharmaceutical medicines, API etc.


We have successfully done exports in Arab, Burkina Faso, Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Peru, Colombia, Uruguay, Chile, Venezuela, Brazil, and many others countries. We are working towards  sales &  further Expansion for exports in many other countries.  After the hardship of so many years, we are happily announcing the split of the Pharmaceuticals &  Engineering sectors to provide better Services and Qualities.


Dac55 Laboratories Pvt. Ltd founded on 22nd December 2022,  With the aim to become Leading Pharma Medicine Manufacturer and Exporter. We are  proudly recognized by World Health Organisation (WHO GMP) and the European Union (EU GMP) and targets the United States of GMP (US FDA) too.  At Dac55 Laboratories, We work to identify innovative ways to improve our performance and quality for mankind. We ought to create an environment for innovation and better standards through hard work.

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